What happens If Income Changes After Filing A Chapter 13.

What happens if your income changes after filing a chapter 13 case. Your monthly payments in a chapter 13 are based on numerous criteria. A debtor must pay all of their monthly household disposable income through a chapter 13 plan or trustee payment, under virtually all circumstances.  Certain debt, such as ...

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How Are Chapter 13 Payments Determined

How are monthly chapter 13 payments determined New Jerseybankruptcy judges and trustee’s interpret the same laws differently. Therefore, a chapter 13 debtor’s payment may be higher or lower depending on where the debtor resides and files his case. This blog provides general information, which may not apply to your situation. Chapter 13 ...

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Income Taxes In Bankruptcy

Income Taxes in Bankruptcy This is a very short and limited explanation of how income taxes are dealt with in bankruptcy. There are numerous exceptions and variations of the law. The bankruptcy laws pertaining to state and federal income taxes are basically the same. Income taxes may be classified as priority, unsecured ...

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When A Debtor Is Entitled to Their Auto Title

In general, when a person satisfies the total amount that must be paid on auto financing, the finance company must transfer the title to the borrower. The same general law applies to auto financing, in connection with a bankruptcy debtor. A chapter 13 debtor has different options in making auto finance payments. A  debtor may make monthly ...

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Cell Phones and Bankruptcy

chapter 7 The information provided below, may not apply to your telephone service provider, as the terms vary with each provider. If the debtor owes a debt that is due to a cell phone provider, the debt will be eliminated in a chapter 7.  After eliminating the debt that is due prior ...

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Health Care Debt In Bankruptcy

Health care debt is classified as unsecured debt and is treated the same as credit card debt in all bankruptcy chapters. If the debtor meets all criteria for a chapter 7 and is entitled to a discharge, all of the health care debt will be discharged and eliminated, in the chapter ...

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Effect Of Debt Incurred After The Bankruptcy Filing

In general, bankruptcy deals with debt that was incurred prior to the filing. In a chapter 7, the bankruptcy filing, has no effect on debt that was incurred after the filing. This means that if the debtor finances a car or uses a credit card after the filing, the creditor ...

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